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FAQ and general support

Our Google Group has vanished with no warning- We now host our own forum and apologize for losing valuable input from our users.

A note about plugin editing and advanced features:
ProRemote has gotten more complex in this release and it is recommended that you read the manual for your respective workstation's native control surface. For instance, if you use Apple's Logic, we highly recommend reading both the "Logic Control Manual" and the "Mackie Control" manual. If you are a ProTools user, please have a look at the "HUI Manual" and the "MIDI Control Surfaces Guide". All of these publications can be easily found by using Google or visiting Apple or Digidesign's websites. We are working on our own documentation as well but ProRemote conforms mostly to the way these real control surfaces work.

Tips and tricks (this is the only documentation that exists for ProRemote. Sorry. We are working to fix this!)

  • Are you picking up cellular hash in your guitar amp from ProRemote? Turn on Airplane mode and then turn Wifi back on.
  • ProRemote only draws meters for channels that are visible. Sometimes this will cause meters to appear stale. Double tap the meter to clear it. Double tapping a meter will also send a 'clear peak indicators' message to your DAW.
  • Tap the orange 'v' icon in the bottom left to bring up the view selector.
  • There is a scrubber control. Just drag your finger across the time code display in the transport view. You can also switch to shuttle, zoom and punch by clicking the respective buttons and using the large rectangular scrubbing area.
  • You can cancel or OK dialogs from the remote by bringing up the mini-transport and pressing the Enter button.
  • You must hit the fader before it will move. Once you have hit the fader you can move your finger away from the actual graphic (for instance to see it better) while moving it if you like. This is not a bug. If you turn off "Require Fader Touch" touching anywhere on the fader will move it relative to where it was. This is good for controlling ProRemote without looking at the surface but makes it more difficult to scroll channels.
  • Tap once in the scribble or fader text areas to bring up the transport. (near the bottom of the screen)
  • Once the transport is visible, clicking in the time code window will keep the transport from auto-hiding after 4 seconds. Click the time code again to hide the transport. You can turn off auto-hide in the preferences.
  • The little info 'i' button on the bottom right will take you to the preferences.
  • The meters auto-detect whether or not the signal is in stereo, they can mistake your fully panned left stereo signal as mono.
  • The software may seem sluggish at times (although rare). This is caused by the nature of the Mackie/HUI protocol. Older generation iPhones and iPod touches will react slower to sessions with many faders being automated. ProRemote 2.0.2 solves this problem by only sending the meters and faders that you are currently looking at (this is not necessary for the iPad).
  • You can also disable the meters and/or timecode and get drastically improved fader performance. Use this when writing automation passes on a poorly performing wireless network.
  • The white arrows near the top of the faders on the far left and right of the fader bank allow you to select which tracks you would like to control (track nudge). This allows you to access all the tracks in your session regardless of how many there are.
  • Double tap anywhere in the channel strip (where there are no controls) to bring up the Master Overlay.