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How to setup a password for ProRemoteServer.

Warning: Setting a password on ProRemoteServer requires editing a text file by hand. If you are not comfortable with doing this, please do not attempt to set a password on your system, have your system administrator do it for you.

1. Start with downloading the latest version of the Installer and running it. You should have version or later. Please go to the download page to get it. Be sure to press the Reinstall button if you already have ProRemoteServer installed.

2. Once ProRemoteServer is actually running navigate to /Library/Application Support/ProRemote (you can use command-shift-G in the Finder and then copy/paste that path). In that folder you should see a file called ProRemoteServer.conf - it's a text file with XML in it. Best edited with an XML (or plist editor) or simply TextEdit.app will do.

3. If using TextEdit, open the ProRemoteServer.conf file and find where it says:

Fill in whatever password you would like to use in between the <string></string>.

Here is an example: <string>MyPassword</string>

5. Save the conf file. You are done with it.

6. Please reboot to reload ProRemoteServer and make your new password active.*

ProRemote 2.0.2 will prompt you for the password once it connects. In this example the correct password would be "MyPassword" without the quotes. Passwords are case sensitive and limited to 64 characters.

Password protected servers will still transmit data so you will see meters, etc... but it will refuse to consider input from the remote unless the password is correct. This allows observers to "observe" without messing with your setup. This version of the server also supports multiple clients properly.

* If you rebooted, skip this step, otherwise: To reload ProRemoteServer without rebooting, go to the Terminal.app, type:

launchctl unload /Library/LaunchAgents/com.folabs.proremote.plist

then at the next prompt type: launchctl load /Library/LaunchAgents/com.folabs.proremote.plist