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Download ProRemoteServer and setup instructions


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Minimum Requirements:

MacOS X 10.4.x and greater, Intel or PowerPC. A wireless network is required to use ProRemote.

ProRemoteServer is compatible with all versions of ProTools that run on MacOS X (LE, HD, M-Powered).

Supports Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Soundtrack Pro and many others.

[Download ProRemoteServer Now]

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Download Instructions:
1 If you are having a hard time with installation, make sure you QUIT all Audio and MIDI applications before running the installer!
2 Click the link above to download the .zip file. This should automatically decompress itself in your download folder. If it does not, please double click the .zip file to decompress it. Mountain Lion users click here
3 Double click the ProRemote Installer icon to install the ProRemoteServer and MIDI driver (if this is the first time you have ever installed ProRemote you will be prompted with the license agreement).
4 You do not need to run the ProRemote Installer application to use ProRemote. It is only useful for installing and wiping ProRemote from your system.
5 Once ProRemoteServer is installed you should launch your music software and configure your control surface options to point to ProRemote. NOTE: You can launch ProRemote at anytime before or after launching your music software.
6 For help with installation please read the instructions for your specific music software by selecting it from below:

ProTools users please refer to these instructions


Logic users please use these instructions


Ableton Live users please use these instructions



Digital Performer users please use these instructions

  For more help with installation please visit our online user forum.




ProRemoteServer is required for ProRemote to be able to communicate with your Digital Audio Workstation.

It does this by communicating with ProRemote's MIDI driver which in turn talks directly to your DAW.

You need to configure your DAW so that it knows about ProRemote.

ProRemoteServer runs in the background and handles communicating with your iDevice.

It will not interfere with your recording sessions because it is designed from the ground up to run on machines that are being heavily taxed.