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Light Edition

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  ProRemote Light Edition

The World’s first professional touch sensitive control surface that fits in the palm of your hand.

ProRemote Light Edition (LE) provides users with 8 channels of remote control with real-time color metering and 100mm touch sensitive virtual flying faders (in the iPad version, 60mm in landscape and 40mm on the iPhone). ProRemote is the original control surface for your iDevice with over 100,000 users! ProRemote LE also includes a cross fader that can be used with Ableton Live and similar applications.

ProRemote LE runs on the iPhone and iPod Touch and uses your existing wireless network to control professional audio products such as Avid ProTools, Apple Logic, Ableton Live and other music production systems.

The full version of ProRemote includes a dedicated transport view that allows the user to do audio scrubbing/shuttling, set markers (memory locations) and control many advanced aspects of the transport as well as basic play, record, and return to zero. These features are not included in the Light Edition by default but can be added by upgrading or unlocking them with "In App Purchasing". Get the Light Edition and see if you like it and if so unlock it to be just like the Full Edition.


What's the difference between ProRemote and ProRemote LE? See the feature matrix.


You will need to download ProRemoteServer in order to use ProRemote LE.

Be sure to download the server from here.

Microsoft Windows is not currently supported. Mac only!

ProRemote Light Edition will be upgraded to support the same set of DAWs that the FULL version supports.

ProRemote Light Edition is available in the iTunes AppStore by clicking the link below.

[Link to iTunes AppStore]