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ProPads is the professional's choice for remote MIDI pads.

Use your existing wireless network to play your virtual instruments in applications like Apple Logic, Ableton Live or ProTools...

ProPads works with any MIDI application (on the Mac).

- ProPads is a fully customizable virtual MIDI pad surface.
- 3 scenes to quickly switch between pad layouts.
- ProPads comes with three default layouts, drums, bass and keys.
- Pad velocity can be controlled by tilting the device.
- Configure the pads anyway you like from 1x1 to 8x8 or anything in between. Up to 64 pads in each scene!
- Choose any note or continuous controller message for any pad.
- Customize the appearance of each pad, name it, show the note number or pad number or all three.
- Pads support multi-touch (up to 5 fingers).
- Copy/Paste pad settings.
- Pad Latch Mode: tap once to keep an extra finger on a pad. Tap again to release.
- Hide Controls: hides all controls other than the pads so you don't accidentally switch scenes or edit settings while inspired.
- Virtually no latency, highly responsive pads.

** You need to download and install ProRemoteServer in order to use ProPads. **

Please download it from here.

Windows not supported sorry. Mac only!

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ProPads is available in the iTunes AppStore by clicking the link below.

[Link to iTunes AppStore]