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ProRemote for iPad now Available on Apple App Store

Los Angeles, CA - April 19, 2010 - Far Out Labs today announced a major update with their popular remote control surface software. ProRemote turns 2.0.1 today and now supports the iPad with eight 100mm faders in portrait orientation and sixteen 60mm faders in landscape. Also added was support for controlling plugins, sends, EQ, instruments and many other advanced features. Extras like the transport view, xy controller and MIDI pads are now all overlays so you have even more control than before.

One binary works for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. When you aren't using ProRemote on your iPad you can carry your control surface in your pocket. No need to repurchase ProRemote for your iPhone.

"ProRemote on the iPad is like having four Mackie Control Universal Pros but much lighter and about $5000 less than the real hardware. ProRemote is designed from the ground up to be used wirelessly and the 'glass' faders truly need to be experienced before being dismissed as a novelty. They are smooth, immersive and the convenience of having both an advanced dynamic control surface and a wireless remote control is a powerful and productive combination. I'm certain that our users will love it," said Alex Lelièvre, Owner Far Out Labs.

ProRemote for iPad has larger controls that are more precise because of the larger screen size. ProRemote supports ProTools, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Sound Track Pro and any host that supports either Mackie Control protocol or HUI protocol. Version 2.0.1 fixes instabilities found in 2.0.0 when tested on an actual iPad, it is available today.

To celebrate the release Far Out Labs is offering the Light Edition of ProRemote on sale for $19.99 and the full edition for $10 off (US). (Full edition special is for a week only.)

Future iPad support is planned for all Far Out Labs products.

Far Out Labs is located in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles and specializes in high performance, cutting edge, quality software development. www.folabs.com


ProRemote Now Available on Apple App Store

Los Angeles, CA - August 7, 2008 - Far Out Labs today announced the availability of ProRemote on the Apple App Store. ProRemote allows iPhone and iPod touch users to control professional audio products such as Digidesign’s ProTools and Apple’s Logic Music production system using a wireless network.

“I created ProRemote to make it simple to maintain the creative train of thought while remotely controlling and adjusting pro audio products during the recording process," said Alex Lelièvre, Principal Computer Scientist/Owner Far Out Labs. "The combination of the iPhone SDK and the revolutionary iPhone and iPod touch devices met my development needs perfectly helping make the vision of what I wanted to create a reality."

ProRemote provides users with either eight channels (light edition) or 32 channels of remote control with real-time color metering and 40mm touch sensitive virtual faders. Up to eight faders can be controlled simultaneously.

The full version of ProRemote also includes a dedicated transport view that allows the user to do audio scrubbing/shuttling, set markers (memory locations) and control many advanced aspects of the transport as well as basic play, record, and return to zero. Upgrades are planned for the full version of ProRemote including enhanced support for other Digital Audio Workstations.

ProRemote communicates using its own highly optimized proprietary protocol to ensure smooth delivery of real-time data over a Wi-Fi link. The Server component has been streamlined for use with CPU intensive digital audio applications and will not interfere with professional sessions.

A "light" version of ProRemote is priced at $39.00 and the full version is $149.00 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore/

Far Out Labs is located in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles and specializes in high performance, cutting edge, quality software development. www.folabs.com