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Ableton Live Quick Installation Instructions

1 (This step is optional and can be skipped) Verify that the ProRemote MIDI driver is installed properly. Do this by opening Audio MIDI Setup.app in your Utilities folder.

You will see a ProRemote icon if everything is properly setup.


2 Go and launch Live. Once launched go to the Live menu and select Preferences...



3 Click on the MIDI tab and select Mackie Control from the Control Surface popup menu.


4 Select ProRemote in both the "Input" and "Ouput" Popup menus.

In ProTransport, Pro XY or ProRemote Light Version, skip to step #6- you are almost done!


5 With ProRemote, you would assign each ProRemote port to one of the controllers-

Be sure to assign controllers 2-4 to MackieControlXT:


6 Make sure to turn on the Remote setting for all the ProRemote inputs and outputs like in the example below. If you are using ProTransport, or ProRemote Light Edition you only need to set Port 1.

If you are using Pro XY, you only need to turn on the input Remote for ProRemote (MIDI port) Ports 1-4 are not used in Pro XY. The ProRemote (MIDI Port) output does not need to be set to Remote.


7 Make sure to set the take over mode to None:

Hit the OK button, you are done here. Simply go to your device and launch ProRemote.