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H O N E : 9 1 7  3 2 8 - 6 4 5 5                       E M A I L : a l e x @ f o i n c . c o m

T E C H N I C A L   S U M M A R Y :

I have over twenty years of commercial development experience working with Adobe, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Sony and various startup companies. I have strong real-time, parallel processing, optimization and debugging skills. I am very good at solving problems on deadlines and have a great deal of experience working under extreme pressure. I have been exposed to virtually all facets of hardware and software engineering due to working in multimedia for many years. As a result, I have a wide range of skills from the very low level: analog/digital hardware, firmware, drivers and various assemblers to the very high level: software architecture, object oriented design, database, networking, image processing, classical DSP, interactive multimedia, 3D, VR, AR, UX, user interface design and implementation as well as server-side work.

I have won numerous awards for my contribution to the projects I have worked on over the years. I am self taught, a quick learner, highly motivated and enjoy working on a team of A players. I also enjoy interfacing with the world outside of engineering and am able to communicate extremely complex concepts in a simple, usually humorous manner. I am able to work completely independently without management and have built numerous commercial products from soup to nuts this way. I believe in simplicity. Code is always delivered on time and very stable. Having a background in QA allows me to create high quality, bug-free software. This is what sets me apart from my peers.

I am also the original author of YPMobile (for AT&T), Oblique Strategies, ProRemote, ProRemote Light Edition, ProTransport, Pro XY and ProPads all for Apple's AppStore. Some of these applications were released before the AppStore existed.

T E C H N I C A L   E X P E R I E N C E :

1/2007 - Present Far Out Labs, LLC Hollywood, California

Entrepreneur. This is my side business where I maintain six products currently shipping in Apple's AppStore for the iPhone and iPad. I am the author of ProRemote, ProRemote Light Edition, ProTransport, Pro Pads, Pro XY and Oblique Strategies. ProRemote allows wireless control of Avid's ProTools from the iPhone and was one of the very first ever iPhone apps existing long before the AppStore opened. Oblique Strategies was a simple random-card-type application.


7/2012 - 9/2019 zSpace, Inc. Sunnyvale, California

Software Engineering Manager. zSpace is a virtual holographic display system with a direct interaction model. Basically it's a very real 3D display with motion parallax head tracking (you can look inside objects just by moving your head). There is a stylus to interact with the 3D data so you get the sense that what you are holding is real and it is unbound by the display (objects can float above the display). You have to see it to experience it! I worked remotely from Hollywood, CA and ran my own group doing mostly next generation research and prototypes. I travelled to Silicon Valley once a month for face-time and meetings. Outside of prototyping, I maintained a critical path application that I wrote. I also acted as a consultant for software architecture and design on other teams. I spent most of my time coding however. I went to Art School so I helped with the industrial design of one of our styluses and changed the look and feel of all our applications based on one of the applications I designed and wrote early-on. I have had to create media for my prototypes (mostly photoreal work and some modeling), so I am completely self-sufficient. I enjoyed working closely with the hardware team as I have considerable low-level experience to contribute and enjoy embedded work. In the past, I also helped out the Sales team by lugging my zSpace to local high profile companies for demos such as Autodesk, Dreamworks, Disney, JPL, GM Design Studio, and Tesla.


Additional accomplishments:


AWS Lambda, Amazon AVS, Alexa Skill, S3, EC2, ARM/Intel assembler, IDA and Hopper interactive disassembers, C/C++, C#/Mono, Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, Python, Bash and PowerShell scripts, git, svn, JIRA, and Slack.
iOS, MacOS, Linux, Android, Light fields, ObjectVR, ARKit, ARCore, Chrome (P)NaCl, Chrome Extensions, OpenGL, WebGL, Metal, HLSL, GLSL, Unity 3D, Unity plug-ins, too many open-source libraries, Emscripten, WebAssembly, WebSockets, and Windows 10.

7/2007 - 8/2009 IQColour Novato, California

Principal Computer Scientist. I worked directly with Dr. Ed Granger on implementing his vision with the fastest, highest quality, most portable code I could produce in the time constraints given. Prototyped a freestanding PDF file IQColour converter for Mac and Windows.


4/2008 - 3/2009 Yellowpages.com Glendale, California

Consultant. I was hired to write the original version of YPMobile, a native iPhone application in time for Apple's iPhone 3G launch and AppStore grand opening. This project involved creating the entire application design and implementation from scratch to finish in less than four weeks. This project is now being maintained by Yellowpages.com which is privately owned by AT&T.


3/2008 - 4/2008 Euphonix Palo Alto, California

Consultant. Prototype research and development.


1/2007 - 3/2008 ClickStar Inc. Santa Monica, California

Senior Software Engineer / Architect. I reported directly to the Chief Technology Officer with whom I worked together 13 years ago at AXS. I also worked with the Senior Architect (one of my mentors!) on the ClickStar Download Manager component of this company's online movie download service. This critical component allowed our Ruby-on-Rails web application to manage licensing movies, as well as downloading and accounting of these titles. We were also responsible for the ActiveX control that allows Internet Explorer to access the CDM. Additionally I wrote a custom JavaScript plug-in for FireFox (in one day) that allows FireFox users to use our web application. We were the only service that supported the FireFox web browser. This company was funded by Morgan Freeman, Revelations Entertainment and Intel.


6/2003 - 1/2007 FO Inc. New York City and Hollywood, California

Self Employed / Freelance. C++ product development, research and design of an audio equalizing plug-in for Avid's Pro Tools. The product is fully interactive and runs in real-time. This product is no longer under development as it was based on a hardware/software partnership that has been dissolved.

During this time I also did some contract work for MasterColors LLC. I rewrote and ported their HVC Color Composer plug-in for Adobe PhotoShop to Windows XP. The work ranged from correcting a number of color science related routines to re-implementing the user interface and adding a few new features. This product is currently shipping.

Before this, I formed a self funded project which was intended for the professional audio market. It was shown at the Audio Engineering Society's 119th Convention. I researched and developed a 3D audio "renderer" that allows individuals to listen to audio in synthetic environments enabling creative use of sound in space. The user can import spaces from architectural models, 3D game layouts or any 3D object and manipulate the surfaces of these spaces to represent audio properties such as wood or concrete. The software then has enough information to recreate what audio would sound like coming out of speakers in this virtual space. The user may move the speakers and microphones in the virtual space to control the sound as one would do in a real room. The product is fully interactive and runs in real-time. This technology is applicable to the Film Industry as well as the Game market but was designed to run under Avid's Pro Tools system which is the industry standard for television sound, film post and music production. Another application of the technology can be used to remove reverb from real spaces like subway system Public Address systems.


10/1996 - 1/2003 Macromedia, Inc. San Francisco, California

Senior Software Engineer / Architect. Part of the Rich Media Authoring Technology group. I worked on Macromedia Director, the leading tool for multimedia professionals and Shockwave which had an install base of approximately 300 million clients. I also worked briefly on Macromedia Flash before leaving the company. When I first started, I worked as part of the ProjectX team where we built Xtras for Director that consisted of either add-ons or entirely new functionality. This company was purchased by Adobe Systems Inc.






Languages: C/C++, Objective C, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Lingo, ActionScript.
Assembler Languages: PowerPC, Altivec (or Velocity Engine), Intel x86, SSE, MMX, MIPS, Sony EE (Playstation 2) and 68000 series.
Development environments: Metrowerks Codewarrior, Macsbug, MS Visual Studio, Project Builder, MPW, SimG4, various profilers for Mac and Windows, gcc, gdb.
Extensive knowledge of MacOS 8/9, MacOS X, Linux, Windows (98, NT, ME, XP, 2000) and international versions of these operating systems.


1/1995 - 10/1996 Light Source Computer Images, Inc. San Rafael, California

Software Engineer. Reported to the Software Project Manager. I was the project lead for ColorShop for Macintosh, an award winning hardware and software combination. ColorShop consists of the Colortron, a competitively priced Spectrophotometer, connected via the ADB bus or a serial port used by Graphic Designers and Producers to capture real world colors. This device was capable of emissive, reflective and densimetric measurements and required use of scientific mathematics and verification. This company was purchased by X-Rite/GretagMacbeth.


Languages: C/C++, Pascal, NewtonScript, PowerPC and 68000 assembler.
Development environments: MPW, Metrowerks, Symantec, Visual C++, and Newton Tool Kit.
Object Systems: PowerPlant, Think Class Library, MacApp, Newton OS, and MFC.
Excellent low-level debugging skills and knowledge of low-level hardware interfaces.
Extensive knowledge of System 7 and MacOS 8.
Expert in Color Science and Color Management Systems.


6/1994 - 1/1995 PictureWorks Technology, Inc. Danville, California

Manager of Quality Assurance. Reported to the President, I was responsible for the testing and scheduling of software releases. Products included an image enhancement utility for Apple’s QuickTake camera as well as a paint system extension for Quark XPress similar to Adobe’s PhotoShop but much buggier and practically non-functional. This company was purchased by iPIX.


9/1992 - 6/1994 AXS (now Gallery Systems) Alameda, California

Manager of Quality Assurance. Reported to the Vice President of Development, I was responsible for the timely release of “bug-free” applications for this company’s image database and online image cataloging systems. Other duties included systems and network administration for PCs and Macintoshes.


6/1991 - 12/1991 The Advantage Group Westport, Connecticut

Programmer. Worked on lease-tracking software for Fortune 500 companies. Duties included fielding technical calls, code maintenance, and source-code documentation. This company was funded by Xerox.
• Designed and implemented a user-interface for the report-generator.
• Programmed in dBase III+ and Clipper in the MS-DOS environment.


6/1989 - 9/1990 Designer’s Atelier New York City, New York

Systems Operator. Computerized retouching of continuous tone and line work images for graphic design firms. Paste-ups, color correction, mechanicals, and composites were also electronically generated. An extensive amount of work was produced on Macintoshes while all retouching was done using high-end (re-purposed military) computers. Operated Contex, Superset and Dupont pre-press systems used for layout and packaging design.

E D U C A T I O N :

1995 - 1996 University of California Santa Cruz (Extension Program)

1993 - 1995 University of California Berkeley and Santa Cruz (Extension Program)

1992 - 1993 California College of Arts Oakland, California

1991 Graduated Staples High School Westport, Connecticut

H O B B I E S  /  S K I L L S :

Lately I've been trying to do some gardening and fine art film photography.

I've been messing around with micro controllers and robotics, I need a robot to water my plants.
I also enjoy building tube radios and amplifiers when I actually have a second to do so and do not fear electrocution. Ham radio license K6LOT.
I try to ski whenever I possibly can.
I sing, play guitar, bass, piano, drums and enjoy recording music in my home studio.
Dual citizenship and fluent in French.

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